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We make a unique approach for preparing every product. Our team sources the best ingredients that add the real flavor to our ice cream and other frozen desserts. Whether you love classic flavors and a twist to your favorite taste, you can find it in our products.

We can create seasonal recipes and different other formulas with vanilla, strawberries, chocolates, peaches and fresh fruits.

The way we pack and store our products helps in retaining the true savor.

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Mobile Phone Trackers

Mobile phone tracker is a method for tracking the location of a particular mobile phone, either moving or stationary. The localization can be affected by many technologies, including using satellite signals to track down the exact location of the mobile phone and by using mobile-location software which can be installed on the cell phone’s main memory card. This software can be used to track the location of the mobile phone.

However, there are still a lot of questions that are asked before they can find out how to use the cell phone track to their advantage. Here are the most common questions.

“I have a new mobile, which I would like to track its location. How do I go about this? Is there a program that I can use?” The answer to this question is yes, you can use the trackers and find out where your phone is located without having any software at all.

“Is the mobile phone tracked?” The answer to this question is a resounding yes. You can even find out who has been calling your phone or what kind of calls your phone has received.

“Will the mobile phone be stolen?” The answer to this question is, of course, yes. You will need to put up some sort of security system on the cell phone in order to prevent theft.

“Can I still track my lost phone, if I did not install any tracker” and the answer is absolutely YES!!! Thanks to localiser un telephone technology available at which used its own satellite to track the phone just by its number.

“Can I track my mobile phone when it is not in use?” The answer to this question is a resounding yes. You can track your mobile phone even while you are not using it.

“I can’t afford the monthly fees for cell phones.” The answer to this question is a resounding “Yes”. Cell phones are not cheap these days and the cost of one per month can easily eat up most of your salary. However, with a mobile phone tracker, you can track your cell phone and even if you don’t have any money left in your bank account, you can track your phone.

“My mobile phones are not connected to the internet. Can I still track them?” Yes, if you are able to connect your phone with a computer using the USB cable, you can still track your mobile phones.

“Why should I pay for the tracking service if my mobile phones are not being tracked?” The answer to this question is simply because the tracking service is paid for by the mobile phone company.

“What are the benefits of using a tracker for my mobile phones?” The benefits of using a tracker are many. For example, if you are not sure about where your phone is or who is behind the number calling your phone, you can just log into the site and check.

“How does the phone tracker work?” The tracker works by logging onto the mobile phone network and finding out the subscriber ID of each mobile phone. You can then plug in the user information to find out whether the owner of the cell phone is the owner of the number calling.

“I am wondering if there are any legal issues when using a free mobile phone tracker?” The answer to this question is yes, you must always get your money’s worth. Many free websites will have hidden costs that might not necessarily be in the best interest of the mobile phone owner. You will also need to be careful of fake sites.

“Can I track my mobile phone with a mobile phone tracker?” This is a valid concern, as there are many fake websites out there who will promise to offer you the ability to track your cell phone but will end up charging you a fee for the service. Make sure that the website is genuine. There are also some good companies who offer free services for tracking your mobile but will charge you a fee for accessing the service after you have already signed up.

Thai Amulets – Beads of Paradise

Traditions have been an inseparable part of this changing world. Each country has its own set of beliefs and faith. Thailand, a Southeast Asian country, known for its tropical beaches, sumptuous royal palaces, and grand temples has its own good luck charm in the form of Thai Amulets. Thai Amulets, also known as votive tablet, is a lucky charm, known to possess blessings of renowned Buddhist monks.

These amulets are mainly carried by wearing them as lockets and are worn in huge numbers by Thai people. The amulets sizes range from little-finger size to thumb size to even the size of a palm. They are available in round, triangular, rectangular as well as oval shapes. These amulets are made up from a range of materials like plastic, ceramic, silver, gold and jade.

Thai people are highly superstitious and have an unbreakable faith in the power of these amulets. There is much evidence of people being protected from accidents without any harm and have faith that it was because of the fact that they were wearing these amulets. Lp Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho Chicken is mainly famous for bringing happiness and prosperity in terms of health, wealth as well as social success. Other amulets are also worn with the same belief.

The amulets were embarked in the mid-19th century and were made by Phra Somdej To. After his death, after around a century and a half, the Buddhist monk was declared by Thais as a patron saint and images of him were all-over. A small tablet in the size of a matchbox with an embossed outline of the Buddha meditating started to become famous. This initiated the concept of amulets for the Thai people.

As the amulets and faith in them inflated, many monks started publishing their own version of these amulets. Some of them are available in a limited edition, while most have been produced in bulk for sale by enterprising Thais or high stature Buddhist monks. There are variety of these available namely, Benja Phakhi, Phra Somdej, Phra Rod, Phra Nang Phaya, Phra Phong Suphan, Phra Sum Kor, Phra Khun Phaen, Jatukham Rammathep, Phra Kring and many others. Each has their own welfare goals, ranging from welfare of family to welfare of wealth and health.

The faith in these amulets is extremely defined and certain actions are highly considered as a taboo. Wearing Buddhist amulets under the waist is an unacceptable act. For most amulets, you can wear it on the neck or else above the waist which shows respect to the Buddha. You should also pray before and after wearing an amulet and one shouldn’t wear an amulet when bathing.

As the demand of these amulets increased, many vendors started to benefit themselves by selling fake copies of these amulets, leading to unwanted unscrupulous practices. Selling worthless fakes to unsuspecting customers has become a common scam at some Buddhist temples. Chinese tourists who have been visiting Thailand are a particular target. These practices are not only demeaning the temples, but also the faith people have on these amulets.

Age and origin make this item so expensive. The prices of genuine amulets vary depending on supply and demand and their assumed benefits. The Tha Prachan amulet market in the oldest part of Bangkok is the hub of these amulets where you can find numerous amulets with esteemed backgrounds and faith. Believers are willing to pay a mammoth amount of money to get the original pieces. They are reluctant to leave their homes without piling themselves with these amulets and its blessings.

Malaysia Tourism

Malaysia is an amazing country and it is known as a melting pot of different religions and races where people have gathered from diverse backgrounds to make this their home. Multiculturalism is an integral part of Malaysia and it is clear from the large number of festivals and cultural events that are held in the country. Whether it is about exploring the skyscrapers in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur or the exotic tropical forests in Borneo Island, Malaysia has something to offer to every kind of traveler.

Tourism in Malaysia has increased over the years due to the global exposure as well as the realization that Malaysia boasts a rich amalgamation of both man-made and natural wonders. Whether it is the stunning beaches or the rich cultural heritage, Malaysia tourism packages cover it all. There is plenty of options available through Malaysia tourism packages that cover a number of places along with accommodation and travel arrangements and playing legally at CasinoReviews MY.

These Malaysia tourism packages are extremely convenient because they cover everything one looks for in a perfect holiday package. Domestic tourism in Malaysia is also extremely popular with more and more people choosing to travel to various exotic and beautiful destinations within the country. Malaysia has been aggressively promoting tourism and therefore worldwide different types of Malaysian tourism packages are made available. These packages cover some of the most beautiful cities, islands and beach resorts of Malaysia thereby offering a complete holiday package. Depending on one’s taste and preferences, one can choose the package that meets all their requirements.

There is Malaysia tourism packages that majorly concentrate only on beach resorts such as Langkawi, Mabul Island, Kapalai Island and Sipadan Island. All these exotic beach resorts offer a perfect combination of adventure, excitement and relaxation. These packages not only offer the perfect gateway to beautiful beaches and destinations within Malaysia but also cover all the travel arrangements including accommodation, sightseeing and travel.

Whether it is about domestic tourism in Malaysia or choosing one of the Malaysia tourism packages, what is important to note is that this amazing country boasts low cost travel and tourism thereby making it perfect for all kinds of travelers to travel this exotic location. The availability of low-cost tickets has increased traffic not only in domestic tourism in Malaysia but also international tourism in Malaysia too. The beautiful towns, cities and beach resorts of Malaysia have made it possible for travelers from all over the world to make the most of tourism in Malaysia.

Singapore’s Weather

Everything about Singapore is pretty orderly. From its streets to its buildings, people, places, laws and its government.

I sometimes have this impression that if there’s any country that can boast of being fanatical about its organization, that country must be Singapore. It’s so methodical to the point of being so predictable.

So, I find it a great irony that Singapore should have a kind of weather that is its complete antithesis.

If there is something you can count on the weather down here, it’s that it’s bound to change anytime it wishes to. One minute, the sun is shining with all its glory. The next moment, it’s raining as if there’s no tomorrow.

Take today, for instance, as I was starting to write this post, I was all set to complain about the heat. With the sun shining and the temperature at an all-time high, I thought I was going to explode. (If you hear a case of human combustion in Singapore, you’ll have an idea who that might be.)

Anyway, so there I was, all sweaty and about to turn on the air conditioning when the sky started to darken and a few minutes later, it’s starting to drizzle and moments later still, it was all raining so hard.

And that’s NOT an isolated incident. It happens all the time. All year round.

The weather here does not seem to have an idea what summer is or that it should only be raining during rainy seasons. If it does, it simply ignores that rule of nature.

Two years living here, and you’d think I’d have learned to be prepared for its fickle weather.

I never learned that lesson. I’ve never been fond of bringing an umbrella. And I was getting confident in my ability to forecast Singapore’s erratic weather.

Big mistake.

Just last week I came home all drenched in the middle of the night while returning for the party organized by and looking as if I just had a shower with all my clothes on.(It was partly because of an insensitive driver, by the way.) It was not one of my good moments, I tell you.

Sometimes, I’m having this absurd feeling that the weather’s out to play games with me. If for some reason, I badly want it to rain, the sun shines with mockery. Another time I want the sun for some insane reason or another, and it all goes raining.

I know, I’m getting paranoid and weird here. But try to experience unexpected shower and being subject to the mercy of high speeding, inconsiderate drivers or try feeling so much heat you’d think you’re exploding. See how that feels.

But I’m not complaining. Me? Complaining? Heaven forbid if you ever get that idea while reading this.

I’m awesomely, highly, mightily thankful Singapore doesn’t have four seasons.

Given this capricious weather, that’s just too much to contend with.

Exciting Singapore Holiday Packages

There are several Singapore holiday packages such as Far East Super Saver that are available for tourists across the world. People with flexible tour schedules need not edit them anymore as they can plan for touring Singapore all year long now.

There are several reviews and articles available online highlighting the importance of tourism in Singapore. This will help you better organize your holidays either with your family or friends on any given day. There are even honeymoon packages available for the newly married. You should book any of the private suits that offer you maximum comfort. Besides, allowing to tour romantic spots and vital tourist attractions there.

Singapore holiday packages like Singapore Malaysia Surprise – Summer 2020 that offer best value for your money. For several years, Singapore has been known as the destination for tourism. Go through the results of any search engine about tourism in Singapore, you will find a list of hotels along with important details like the features provided, availability of online casino and the costs per day. Such quotes will let you decide regarding the choice of hotel for your accommodation. As Singapore is being considered as the bridge between the East and West, there is a larger likelihood that you come across various people with different mindsets.

Book for Splendid Singapore, one of the best Singapore holiday packages through which you can benefit in the form of huge discounts and a reasonable rate. The early you book, the more you save. Such packages are included with many attractive features like return economy class airfare, free tour of Singapore City for the said number of days, provision of breakfast and meals, accommodation in a star hotel. The additional features including the ones specified above providing you an exciting tour of Singapore that consists of visits to the Night Safari or Animal Kingdom.

The benefits you get from these Singapore holiday packages are many. Firstly, you can access unique features that must have worked for others as well. This is the reason why tourists having unique businesses take their time to visit Singapore for sure.

It gives immense pleasure as well as excitement when they travel to places like Marina Bayfront and Sentosa Island. In case you are unaware of how to proceed regarding your tour to Singapore, then you should start by reading several online reviews that are useful in setting your priorities. These reviews provide you with a world of information like important place to be visited in Singapore and where to stay.

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